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How can Rocket Dollar help me raise funds during my fundraising rounds? Can I invest or issue notes from my Self-Directed Retirement Account?

Those that invest in startups and VC investors likely have extra capital in their retirement accounts. With a Rocket Dollar account, you can enhance your fundraising round.

Cash is king... Until your investors don't have any more cash.

The typical American has more in retirement assets that than they do in investable cash. Utilizing Self-Directed retirement dollars can lead to bigger rounds while spending less time chasing new investors.

How does this work?


Fundraising Basic-1

Partner Collateral and Service

  • We can deliver partner collateral to direct more dollars to your investors.
  • White glove support to guide your investors through your investment process.

Bigger Checks

  • Your current investors can add on additional assets through their retirement accounts through a Self-Directed IRA. They can invest in a variety of assets.
  • Investors who want to invest but are short on deployable capital can comb through old 401(k)s and IRAs, so they don't miss your deal.

Less Time

  • It's time-intensive to network, seek, meet, pitch, and negotiate with unfamiliar investors.
  • A new marketing channel can help take better advantage of your current investors or more easily entice new investors as a viable way to invest.

What about a deal review process? How does my asset I'm offering up for investment in get custodied?

At Rocket Dollar, the deal review process is up to the customer and their LLC or Solo 401k retirement trust. As the managing member of that LLC entity inside the IRA, the customer is the one making the investment decisions. No interference, or fumbling with sub docs with parties unfamiliar with the investment! The partner bank account purchases the investment in the name of the LLC or trust and sends the check to you at the direction of our new mutual customer.

Deal reviews to custody an asset in the self-directed space are often not about the soundness of the investment or any fiduciary duty the customer, but whether the custodian wants to actually do the work to hold the asset on their books. 

What about my investors in California?

Because of high fees on LLCs, we offer a Self-Directed IRA with an LLC or customers can open a Self-Directed Solo 401(k) if they are self-employed.

Don't want to give equity? Do you want to take on more risk? What about a private loan?

Many investors are happy to invest with friends and family on their new venture. It contributes to the community, and it helps you fulfill your dream. However, investing can be risky. By creating a note and a loan from your retirement account, you can often create a much simpler transaction. This method bypasses the traditional structure of a bank, which might not understand the intricacies of your business. You can check out more info about notes here.

Rocket Dollar customers can easily invest issue notes from their self-directed retirement accounts.

What does Rocket Dollar NOT do?

Rocket Dollar does not go out and help you find all the new investors for your round. We help you unlock retirement dollars to gather more money, faster, from your investors by giving them a much more seamless process to access money from their retirement accounts. If you will be funneling customers to Rocket Dollar to supplement your round, we would be happy to speak on how we can work together.

Investment firms, platforms, and syndicators willing to work together on customers and provide a great experience to accept retirement dollars can possibly form a stronger partnership, co-market, and get on our partner page. If you feel we can both mutual benefit eachothers customer base, feel free to reach out.

I want to get in touch!

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