Fair Market Value (FMV)

I have a solo 401(k), do I still have to report FMV?

Our Solo 401(k) customers should still report their investment value in the Rocket Dollar Dashboard.

Rocket Dollar requires all customers to update their customer dashboard. 

In order to make sure you are under or over $250,000 in assets, please update your investment tracker in your Rocket Dollar dashboard. 

What about Core Customers? 

Core Customers who bought a solo 401(k) will have to file their own form 5500. 

What about Gold Customers?

Rocket Dollar will file the form 5500 for all of our Gold customers

What if I bought an account before Core and Gold?

If you purchased an account before Core and Gold were products, Rocket Dollar will still file a form 5500. We consider these customers "Gold Legacy" customers and their tax reporting will not change.

What if I have multiple solo 401(k)s?

If you have multiple solo 401(k)s, like  a plan at Rocket DOllar it's still a requirement to file a form 5500 for ALL YOUR SOLO 401K PLANS once you get over a cumulative $250,000 in assets. If you are below $250,000 in assets in your current solo 401(k) plan at Rocket Dollar, but have outside plans that would add up to over $250,000 in assets, please let Rocket Dollar know.