How should investments Rocket Dollar Account LLC be Titled Can I have a custom LLC name for my IRA LLC?

Your LLC is titled as first initial, last name, RD LLC. For John Doe's IRA, it would be JDOE RD LLC

Any investment made out of an LLC should be titled in the name of the LLC. For example, if your name is John Doe, your LLC’s name is JDOE RD LLC, and if you purchase a rental property, you will have the property titled to JDOE RD LLC.

If you are doing business as (DBA) another title when dealing with your IRA, be sure to title all investments with your LLC name.

Who is the manager of the LLC?

You are the manager of your IRA LLC. This cannot be changed.

Custom LLC names can be requested by Gold customers during the IRA account opening process

Please email or call support using the options in the top right of your dashboard to request a custom LLC name right after opening. 

What if I don't have an LLC?

If you are using our custody partner IRAR Resources Trust

IRAR Trust Co. FBO FirstName LastName IRA Acct# (Example account number would be 89-12345)





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