Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency

Can I store crypto in a cold wallet?

There is no IRS guidance on cold wallets. We recommend leaving your crypto on the exchange.

Where should I hold my accounts on an exchange?

We recommend IRA LLC or Solo 401(k) account holders open exchange accounts at Coinbase or Gemini and keep their crypto in the exchange accounts. See our instructions here for Coinbase or here for Gemini

What if I don't want to hold it on an exchange?

Storing crypto held in an IRA or Solo 401(k) in a cold wallet is fine if the wallet is held by a custodian, a non-bank custodian, or in a bank safe deposit box registered to the IRA LLC or the Solo 401(k) plan. Rocket Dollar does not offer a cold storage option. 

Storing hardware or a cold wallet at home may be a prohibited transaction and you risk penalties and fines. We recommend leaving the crypto on the exchange.