Pricing and Refund Policy

How do I pay my $15 monthly compliance fee? Am I allowed to pay my compliance fee with my account balance?

Normally we charge your credit or debit card at Rocket Dollar to not affect your retirement account balance. You can set up your debit card or your retirement account to pay the balance if you wish.

Once your LLC/trust bank account is ready, you can change the billing info to a debit card provided by our partner bank.

To pay with your account balance, you can obtain a debit card for your trust account or LLC and change that to the card on file. Then that debit card will take from your retirement balance. This process is usually easiest with our preferred banking partner. You can inquire about our preferred banking partner by contacting Support through your dashboard.

Please make sure you retain enough funds within your IRA or LLC to maintain your investments and deal with capital calls, maintenance, etc.