Pricing and Refund Policy

What are the bank fees?

To fully achieve checkbook control, Rocket Dollar will open a bank account at our partner bank. Here is a list of common fees you could encounter while using our partner bank.

Basic Bank Fees 

Domestic Outgoing Wire Transfer - $25

Domestic Incoming Wire Transfer - $10

Four Wires a year are covered by a Gold subscription

Bounced or Returned Check (returned deposited item) - $5

Overdraft/Overdraft protections - Not offered as Self-Directed Retirement Accounts cannot be provided extensions of credit

ACH Transfer

Free up to $100,000 through the bank messages portal. Daily cut off is 4 PM Central Time.

If the amount is larger, it would be a domestic outgoing wire transfer of $25 or you can also write a check.

Simply set the ACH transfer as a "business" transaction. If you hit a $5,000 limit, you may be using the "personal" ACH transaction setting and simply need to change it when executing with our bank partner.

Activity Requirements 

Minimum Balance Requirements  - None, but must maintain an active Rocket Dollar Account

Minimum Activity Requirements - None, but must maintain an active Rocket Dollar Account. 

Checks and Debit Cards

6 starter checks - free with account

Customized Checkbook Order - varies by the style and printing requested (automatically included with Rocket Dollar Gold)

Cashier Check Sent by Bank - $5

ATM/Debit Card replacement - $10  (automatically included with Rocket Dollar Gold)

International Investments and Activity 

International Outgoing Wire Transfer - $50

International Incoming Wire Transfer - $10

Checkbooks and Debit Cards come automatically with the Gold Account. Can I still get them with a Core Account?

Yes, but you are responsible for you procuring it from our partner bank. At the Core Level, all Debit Card, Checkbook purchasing, is a customer responsibility instead of automatically handled by our support team. Fees to purchase a checkbook will be taken from the IRA. 

Can I choose my own bank?

As Rocket Dollar started, we explored a variety of banking partnerships and also let some customers choose their own bank, which had been standard practice in the self-directed industry. 

Over time, many customers that chose a bank lacking Self-Directed IRA specific knowledge came back with service problems or getting unnecessary compliance flags on their accounts, some for everyday Self-Directed IRA activity. This was consistent with both credit unions, and large banks. If there was a great representative that understood and effectively served Self-Directed IRA LLC bank accounts, the customers still got trouble and frustrations as soon as that person with specialized knowledge moved on to a different job. Only a tiny fraction of customers have successfully opened and maintained accounts at many different banking institutions big and small. Unfortunately, many customers insistent on their own bank were unsuccessful and ended up going with our partners. Less than 1% of customers have found continued success when using a bank did not have a specialty in self-directed accounts.

We continue to work closely with Rocket Dollar's Bank partner, and also to bring technology and efficiency to space. When it comes to your account, our team has to make sure that we can effectively service your account and make sure a consistent experience is maintained with our customers.