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    Thomas Young
    Thomas Young

    Co-Founder & CMO Thomas Young is a marketing professional with years of experience in the start-up community.

    Winning investments are often all about timing. Rocket Dollar investors can get priority funding for their investments, as well as timely customer support, to help them make more confident investment decisions through our new premium-tier account services.

    Rocket Dollar offers the Gold service tier for our most active investors who require increased account support and priority funding to ensure they always meet investment timelines.

    Clients with the Gold service tier also receive a Rocket Dollar-branded checkbook and debit card to further simplify the investment process. Accounts are issued through Rocket Dollar’s banking partner, Solera National Bank of Lakewood, Colo., and checks are written straight from your custom-named operating LLC. Rocket Dollar is the first Self-Directed IRA provider to offer customers a company-branded debit card and checkbook.


    Discover Rocket Dollar Gold


    Providing the Highest Level of Customer Support

    Our goal is to provide Gold account owners with the highest level of customer support in the self-directed retirement account industry through our new premium-level services.

    Investors receive priority customer support with Rocket Dollar’s team of experts to quickly answer their investment questions, as well as priority funding when moving money in and out of their accounts. The Gold service tier also offers several additional services, including:

    • Four courtesy wires per year, which could result in significant long-term savings for our most active investors
    • Tax filing support for IRS 1099-R and Form 5500
    • Roth IRA conversion assistance

    Rocket Dollar Core customers still can receive free customer service support via email, as well as access Rocket Dollar’s extensive knowledge base. Fees for Gold accounts are $600 due at signup and $30 a month. Fees for Core accounts remain $360 at signup and $15 a month.

    “Rocket Dollar Gold is really an extension of our expedited customer service support function,” says Henry Yoshida, Rocket Dollar co-founder and chief executive officer. “One reason why we created these new Gold-level accounts is because of the high volume of support requests we’ve received from our customers. We know some investors have crucial timelines to meet and need funding done fast. Rocket Dollar Gold allows us to promptly take care of those customers and differentiate them from our Core customers who might have less stringent requirements with their investing needs.”

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    Published on October 04 2019