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Rocket Dollar API Launch

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Today, we’re excited to announce the beta program of our Rocket Dollar Funding and Account Opening API. The API allows investment platforms, investment issuers/sponsors, and financial institutions to partner with Rocket Dollar and allow Rocket Dollar account holders to invest their funds on the partners’ platform. The API also allows for partners’ customers to open a Rocket Dollar account, if they don’t already have one, to make investments with retirement funds.

The gif here shows the concept:

API example

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To enroll in the beta, fill out this form here. We’ll send you the API docs and you can build your integration. A direct integration to the Rocket Dollar API will allow you to raise retirement funds, while never having your investors leave your site. You’ll control your investor experience, all while tapping into a source of funds that have not historically been available for alternative investments.

We at Rocket Dollar believe every individual should have the ability to invest their retirement funds as they see fit, even if their strategy flies in the face of conventional wisdom. We often meet real estate investors, private equity investors, and startup/private company investors who lament the inability to easily invest their retirement funds in what they know, in their domain expertise.

With Rocket Dollar, we offer a simple, subscription price and have modern systems and processes that put the customer first and streamline the investment process.

Learn more about Self‑Directed retirement plans with our ultimate guide.

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